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Butterfly Cane Rum

Inspired by nature, the pure cane sugar grown in Trinidad is harvested when the native species of butterfly, known locally as the ‘Scarlet Peacock’ land on the crop feeding off the ripe sap. Only when the butterflies gather is the crop harvested to make Butterfly Cane Rum. Butterfly Cane is a premium quality 3 year old rum matured in Oak barrels and produced by the award winning Fernandes Family Distillers in Trinidad.

Available in a 3 year old golden rum at 37.5% ABV and a Spiced which is infused with a secret blend of spices and vanilla to give the perfect balance of rich deep taste and spiced warmth.

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Noble And Unusual Distillers


Rebel at heart and boasting a depth of character envied by others , Hidden Loot was created to be The Worlds Best Tasting Spiced Rum!.... a task our master distiller has achieved by expertly blending aged rare Panamanian Rum perfectly married to an intriguing blend of unique spices  Bursting with vanilla, cinnamon, Nutmeg,  banana and coconut it also allows the notes of aged rum and wood to come through on the nose and palate. Perfect for sipping on its own or mixing with a premium Ginger ale / Ginger Beer or Cola – One taste will tell you that you have found spiced rum perfection!

NAUD Panamanian 15 Year Aged Rum

This Super-Premium 15year old Aged Panamanian Rum Delivers a bunch of aromas characterized by notes of coconut, Tonka beans and vanilla sugar. The aromatic strength recalls the typicality of the local sugarcane. Generous and marked with sweet patisserie notes, liquorice and cinnamon mixed with hints of wood and smoke carried by the bourbon cask aging. A rare Sipping Rum with depth and character beyond its rivals.