Paragon Brands



Cranes Liqueur

Brothers Dan and Ben Ritsema hand crafted this exquisite liqueur by combining the pressed juice of 180 cranberrys per bottle with the juice from the finest Valencian Blood oranges to give a uniquely balanced versatile liqueur that will compliment most cocktails. Try adding some extra zing to your glass of Prosecco or Aperitivo Spritz, or liven up your negroni by replacing the Campari with Cranes Liqueur. 



Molinari Caffè Liqueur

Molinari Caffè comes from the “caffè corretto” tradition; it represents the perfect harmony of Sambuca Molinari’s anise and a selected blend of coffee.

A unique product, with a strong and full-flavoured character, that can be enjoyed as an after-meal drink, with a dessert or ice cream. On the rocks or straight, Molinari Caffè is great when used in creamy cocktails.

Made with real Italian espresso coffee to give an intense taste and aroma. 

La Quintinye Vermouth

rouge-vermouth02 copy.png


Made from a selection of 28 plants and spices and a blend of white wines and Pineau des Charentes Rouge, hence naturally providing the deep reddish to amber colour.

Colour: Deep amber red with an intense shine
Bouquet: Well-balanced yet powerful with liquorice,
prune and vanilla flavours, enveloped by chocolate notes.
Palate: Rich and intense with caramel, burnt vanilla and
warm spiced notes, which evolve to a long-lasting finish.


Le Blanc

The subtle combination of 18 plants and the blend of white wines and
Pineau des Charentes Blanc.

Colour: Light Gold
Bouquet: Fresh and lively with floral and citrus aromas,
which give way to succulent aromas provided by the Pineau.
Palate: Elegant and smooth with ripe yellow fruits and
brioche aromas, which meld seamlessly with slowly
developing bitterness and spice.


Extra Dry

Created with a magnificent bouquet of 27 plants and spices, a selection of white wines and
Pineau des Charentes Blanc.

Colour: Dappled gold
Bouquet: Floral – with balanced spiced flavours,
blending liquorice and anise aromas.
Palate: Fresh and lively with floral and citrus notes
that evolve into a luscious finish provided by the Pineau.