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G’Vine is a true pioneer of the 21st century boom in premium gins. Distilled in small batches in France’s Cognac region, G’Vine uses locally harvested grapes to produce a smooth and aromatic grape spirit that is truly different to the traditional grain spirits used in most other gins. 

G’Vine has been recognised worldwide for its exceptional quality and unique character and with its distinctive bottle is rightly considered the epitome of elegance in the world of gin.

Floraison Gin

For Floraison (the “flowering” stage of the vine growing cycle) G’Vine uses 10 fresh whole botanicals, including  the signature botanical: the vine flower, which is handpicked before being macerated in the grape spirit to capture it’s enchanting aroma and delicately fresh and fragrant character

Try G’Vine Floraison in a gin and tonic: fill a large glass with ice cubes; pour a large measure of G’Vine Floraison; top up with a premium tonic; and garnish with fresh white grapes. Delicious!

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Nouaison Gin

Nouaison means “setting”, which refers to the metamorphosis stage of the vine from aromatic flowers to luscious berries. This developed character is reflected in a more intense and spicy character which offers an elegant alternative to classic London Dry gins and is characterised by the distinctive silver-grey packaging.

Bottled at a bold 43.9% ABV and with a wonderfully rich mouth feel, Nouasion provides the definitive base for classic cocktails such as the Negroni, as well as providing inspiration for new creations.

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When he was young, hidden away in his little distillery, Emile PERRIER once concocted an original gin. He didn’t dare to distribute it, too worried about attracting the wrath of the other distillers around.
Jean-Michel and Pierre are pushing boundaries. After undertaking long research to trace down all the ingredients of their ancestor’s recipes and several distillation runs, 12 botanicals have been selected to create a fresh and unique bouquet. They infuse 7 to 10 days, before being distilled in a “vapor bain-marie” in small traditional copper pots stills which reveals the quintessence of their perfume. Ideal for adding character to your traditional G&T.