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Started in 1911, Herrljunga Cider AB is now in its fourth generation of family ownership. It has a religious heritage and one that is surprisingly appealing to many. Preaching in the neighbourhoods of Herrljunga, Priest Svenberg regularly ran out of church wine. The priest became innovative and started making wine and selling it to other churches. This was the pure Swedish apple cider pioneering producer in the country and has held true to its cider ambitions, beliefs and principles throughout its long heritage. The Branmark family took control of the business in 1945 and spent the last 70 years perfecting the recipes to their current day form.

How it is made
In order to satisfy its ever-increasing consumers in the market, Herrljunga Cider AB uses the highest levels of professionalism and quality control in the process of making these potent cider brands. The process starts with the selection, sorting and washing of cider apples. Once this is done, they are then pulped, pressed and the juice put in holding containers. The juice is then naturally fermented and later blended to satisfy the different tastes of consumers. The process uses only the highest qualities of cider apples and a blending recipe that is distinct and unique to the brewer. This ensures that the resultant brands are rich in taste and well enticing to the taste buds of many a consumer.

Different flavours

  • Apple
  • Pear
  • Strawberry & Vanilla
  • Blackcurrant & Lime
  • Orange & Ginger

cranes cider SIZED.png

Cranes Cider

We brew the finest cranberries alongside apples to deliver this refreshingly crisp cranberry cider. To provide you with a fruity variety we produce this delicious cranberry cider with three flavours.
• Cranberry & Lime
• Blueberry & Apple
• Raspberry & Pomegranate

After relentlessly working on the recipe, we have managed to create a naturally light cider by utilising the sweetness of the fruit. Our drinks have 30% fewer calories compared to brand leaders. We enjoy keeping fit and healthy so wanted a product that tasted amazing but isn't full of sugar.

To make a quality product you have to source quality ingredients. To ensure we use the finest cranberries we visited Wisconsin – America’s cranberry county – to meet the producers and to get a real understanding of what it takes to produce these berries.