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After emigrating from France’s Alsace region in 1851, Louis Moritz Established Barcelona’s first brewery in the Sant Antoni district on the outskirts of the city (now a bustling vibrant neighbourhood of central Barcelona). Brewed using only the purest mineral water from the Montseny Spring, Exclusive Pale malted Barley and the finest Saaz Hops to give Moritz a distinctive clean refreshing taste that remains true to Louis Moritz original recipe. This premium beer embodies the vibrancy and spirit of one of the worlds greatest cities.


  • Moritz Original, 5.4% ABV, The original Louis Moritz Lager recipe available in 330ml Bottles, 330ml cans and Draught

  • Moritz Epidor, 7.4% ABV, a low fermentation strong Amber lager with a medium body and a distinctive dry taste

  • Moritz Aigua de Moritz 0% ABV Alcohol Free, a pleasant refreshing alcohol free lager with the distinctive taste of Moritz



One of Italy’s fastest growing premium Lagers, Castello is brewed at one of Italys oldest Breweries, established in Pedavena in 1896 by the Luciani Brothers. Nestled high  in the heart of North East Italy’s breath-taking Dolomite mountains and Brewed using only the purest Dolomite mountain water, Malted Italian Barley and Saaz Hops to produce a fresh-tasting, golden lager of distinctive character and depth. This award winning lager is complimented by its unique, contemporary bottle, which shares its design credentials with one of Italys other design classics, Ferrari, having been developed at the Gigaro Italdesign studios to reflect the quality and heritage of the  beer inside. Until now, this superb refreshing beer was known only to discerning Italian beer drinkers, but is now available across the UK. 


  • Castello Lager -La Decisa , 4.8% ABV, The original Refreshing golden Lager with a clean finish available in 330ml & 660ml Bottles, 330ml cans and Draught